Fotografia por João Morais Inácio

Evelina-Elena Tănasie

Inclusive Fashion Design


This research advocates for positive change in the fashion industry, starting with shaping inclusiveness in fashion Design by expanding diversity to disadvantaged minority groups. Inclusive Design starts from the special needs of minority groups and from the idea that clothes must offer the feeling of integration in society, and self-confidence, but also physical and mental comfort. This research is needed to better understand the needs of users who feel disadvantaged as it affects their identity, comfort, and social-psychological well-being. The project works as a policy of social inclusion, it consists of 10 outfits and a total number of 30 versatile, ready-to-wear, and unisex garments. This fashion collection emphasizes the identification of the special needs of the target group, the ease of dressing and the simplification of styling, the adjustment and adaptation of the garments by the wearer who becomes a "co-creator".


Evelina Tănasie is a PhD student at the Faculty of Arts and Design of the West University of Timișoara, where she also got her BA and MA in Fashion Design. She is a fashion editor at MODIC magazine and teaches seminar activities at the University’s Department of Design and Applied Arts. The themes she approaches in fashion are interdisciplinary, through historical, political, psychological, or social references. Her two graduation collections were presented at the Be Creative Festival Sibiu 2020, Timișoara Fashion Week 5 and 7 (2020, 2022), Kasta Morelli Fashion Week 2021, the MDVTM Fashion Gala (2022), the Graduates' exhibition at Timișoara Project Center (2022), HOME – Cluj Design Days in Cluj and Timișoara (2020), Timișoara Airport (2022, 2023). Her creations were selected and appeared in fashion editorials in Cosmopolitan magazine (2018) and Fashion Premium Magazine (2019), as well as on the Not Just a label and Fashion Crossover websites.

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